Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to School

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 Back to school ideas begin here:

During this time of year, I am always looking for activities to use for the first day of school. While my students are having fun, I learn so much about their nature and their character. Here are a few of the activities that I have found around the web so far. Links will be included.

First, for introductions, how about a math review? TeachersPayTeachers seller, Math Coach's Corner, has a freebie that uses math to get the kids moving and talking. Check it out on her website here. Remember to leave a review of her work and, if you have time, check out her other materials. She has some really good stuff on there to help kids learn math.

Teaching and Learning together makes what I would call a "teacher anchor chart" on the first day of school. She writes the words, "What kind of teacher do you want?" in a bubble on a piece of poster board. Then she records their answers. For a peek at what this looks like, click here. She leaves it up all year long.

The "pipe cleaner challenge" gives the teacher a great opportunity to see how the students interact. Divide the class up into even groups and give each group pipe cleaners-the same amount for each group, and a similar-sized piece of aluminum foil. Ask them to collaborate to create an amazing project and then let them do it. For more information, check out Housing a Forest here. You will be able to view project ideas and check out the rest of the blog.

One of my favorite activities, especially since I have a multi-aged group, is to build geodesic domes. The kids are put into groups that involves all the different grades levels. They are given a set of directions and then I observe as they create their domes. I do offer advice when asked, but I offer nothing. This is an idea of what the process looks like:

Supplies include a ruler, newspaper-the double page only-a 1/2 inch dowel, scissors and masking tape. You can use a staple too. You will find a set of directions from PBS if you click here