Sunday, July 21, 2013

Low-cost Supplies

Teachers love a bargain! That's because we spend so much of our own money to make our classrooms a great place to learn. According to the ASCD, one the average, teachers spend $444 per year on their classrooms. If this describes you, then I know you will go to lengths to get the most for your money!

Charity Preston, author of The Organized Classroom blog, took a suggestion from one of her readers and created a page on Facebook where teachers can buy and sell materials to other teachers with the click of the mouse and, for most, a paypal account. Some dealers will accept money orders (I did) but it does slow does the process a bit.

Sell what you don't need and buy what you do. Check out the Used Teaching Treasures Emporium by clicking here. Your pocketbook, and maybe your spouse, will be glad you did! Check it out and join the group!