Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Love TeachersPayTeachers: Here's Why!

A few days ago, I read a well-written article by a kindergarten teacher stating why he didn't care for TeachersPayTeachers. The article was thought-provoking and he made his point quite well. I cannot disagree with his reasons. I started to thing about TpT and came to the realization that I really like the site. I will qualify my feelings with the fact, though I do have a store, that I have made zero dollars off of the site. If fact, I only have two freebies on there right now. So, why do I like it? Well...

I teach in a multi-grade classroom. Sometimes our lessons overlap and we are studying the same thing. I may need a little bit more than I have for one or more levels. A quick on-line check and I almost always find what I want at the appropriate level on TeachersPayTeachers.

My classroom is on a very limited budget. TeachersPayTeachers had a plethora of free downloads in just about any genre you might need. I have downloaded many of them.

Sometimes, my kids just don't get a concept and I am so busy teaching and grading papers for my six grade levels that the idea that I can find materials on TpT is invigorating to a certain degree.

Most of the sellers on TpT are not trying to become millionaires overnight. They price their materials in a range my personal budget can afford. Since I change my curriculum every year because of a rotating schedule, and because I like my ideas to be fresh and new, I am always looking for ideas. The prices really work for me.

It gives teachers an opportunity to earn a little extra (or for some a lot of extra) money. Everyone knows that teachers are worth more than they are paid but budgets at schools are tight. TeachersPayTeachers gives teachers an opportunity to put their hard work to work for them. The idea that teachers must always help each other and give everything away for free is dispelled by other brick and mortar companies who have producing "teacher created" materials for years.