Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back to School Ideas, Links and Freebies

It is time to get back into the swing of things at school. Decorating the classroom is a fun activity, especially if you have free resources to us when you start decorating. Here are a few links that will provide you with fun, free materials.

1) Visit Confessions of a Teaching Junkie on Facebook and hit like. You will be able to download a pdf file with fun, colorful door art. Once you hit like, click on Fan Freebies and download the material! If you want to look at it first, visit her blog by clicking here.

2) Avery has some really cute school designs that you can use for free. Click over here and you will find everything from dinosaurs to pencils...Follow the directions to make your classroom labels, complete with words. Save them and copy them off when you are ready.

3) Free ideas that someone else has worked to collect is a wonderful thing. Conversations in Literacy (click here) has collected some great ideas from Pinterest for decorating the classroom.

4) Cute directions for a personalized wreath for your classroom door brought to you by designing my home on a project at a time. Click here for a how-to!

Win free supplies for your classroom by checking out these sites.

1) Teacher Created Resources has a great giveaway. Click here to sign up to win a free iPad. Recommend your friends and, if a friend wins, you will win a mini iPad. It is a win/win deal.

2) Edutopia is an excellent education site that will help you keep up with everything happening in education. They also have weekly giveaways. Click here to check them out. 

3) Porcupine Press is giving away Reading Stampers, a Science Center and Magnet Rings. Check the give-away out here