Thursday, June 11, 2015

End of the Year Deals for Next Year

Well, today I finally finished all my year-end work for the last school year. With a click of the mouse, my mind has turned to the next school year. Just like thousands of teachers out there, summer is not just a kickback time to enjoy myself. First, I am taking a class on Coursera to improve my skills for art class. (Just a note: the classes are free unless you want a certificate which, right now costs $49.)  Then, I am redoing rethinking some of my classroom materials and practices. I have, understandably, spent some time on Pinterest, gathering ideas and examples for my class.

I plan to include more science in my classroom-even in reading. I have been collecting kits-reading directions and following them can help with comprehension. I will also use them for writing as they write "better" plans. Any way...I just hope that all the teachers who buy things for their classroom are aware of things that happen at the end of the school year.

1) Today I went to Joann's Fabric to use a 50% off coupon, only to discover that they had more than half of their school items deeply discounted! I had so much fun buying great things to use in my classroom for pennies or the dollar.

As a teacher, I received an additional 15% off the marked-down price

2) Michael's has a weekly coupon from 40-50% off. I have been using them to get some great science kits. I can hardly wait until it is time use them...but summer must happen first! Don't forget, show the Michael's clerk proof that you are a teacher for an additional discount.

3) I went to a store than sells items from overstock or wrecked semis-not sure where they get all of their stuff, I don't know what I have been doing in the past and why I have not been going to the Green Tree store, but they have so many things I can use in my classroom.  For example, squeeze containers of pure fruit-that's right, no sugar added-that store easily and can be shared with kids who did not have breakfast at a whopping cost of thirteen cents each! Also, so teachers who want to use candy for rewards, they had loads of bags of mini-chocolate bars and other types too.

4)  I went to Target, just because it is next door to Joann's where I live. I find adorable little baskets for supplies for $1.00. I bought one for each group I will have next year-plus one for me. I also added three books at the United States, presidents and the solar system for another $3!

Keep your eyes open! You can find some really great deals when stores just want to get rid of stuff. My favorite deal came from Michael's.  They had little wagons on their discount table during the time I was ready to start teaching about the Oregon Trail. When I took them to the register, they rang up one cent each. Since no one was waiting, I went back and got the rest of them (no need to have kids work on them in groups at that price!) After charging me for a few more, she put the rest in the bag and said they were slated to be throw away.

What is the best deal you have ever found?