Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dollar Store Christmas Craft for Kids-Snowmen

Who doesn't love the dollar store when it comes to holiday crafting? Classroom teachers who supplement their classroom budgets are always looking for a deal and this one provides up to 12 crafts for little more than one dollar!

You are going to need to buy bright, single-color Christmas balls, white acrylic paint, a sponge brush and a black fine-point marker. Make sure you also have soap, water and towels on hand.

This is a great project to do when you have a parent or two who really wants to help out in the classroom available. Here's how to make your snowman ornament:

1) Get white acrylic paint on the sponge brush and paint the palm and fingers of a child.

2) Have them wrap the child fingers around the bulb with his fingers pointing up.

3) Wash off the child's hands and let the ornament dry.

4) Use a thin-point marker to draw buttons, hat, mouth and eyes on the snowmen. Then add some stick hands. Use a thin orange marker to add the snowman's carrot nose.

5) Add a colorful Christmas string to hang it on the tree.