Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Party Prize Fun

If you read my blog about the classroom Christmas prize tree, you may have already thought of this idea, but, if on!

Students like to play Christmas games almost as much as they like to win a prize for winning the games. Instead of handing out prizes, create a Christmas tree out of paper lunch bags. Decorate them with Christmas stamps, stickers or bows. Inside of each bag, put prizes ranging from pencils and pens, cute erasers, Christmas candy, mini-staples, gift cards to a fast food restaurant-anything you can thing of that you can buy locally. (If you plan ahead, check out Oriental Trading for great prizes!) Tape the bags up on your wall or white board on the day of the party. You can make the tree as big as you need it to be.

Play a game. If you need ideas, check here or here or here! Let the winner choose her own bag or start at the bottom and move up the tree. Make sure the prizes have variety to keep the winners and the to-be-winners guessing!