Monday, January 27, 2014

Superbowl Motivation in the classroom

You know those kids who do not appear to try....or don't think they can do it.....but when you start talking football, they can give you all the scores and stats from the weekend before....or they can describe their favorite player with ease? Well, try giving them a motivation talk or make a motivational poster to encourage them to be like the guys headed for the Superbowl!


John Elway, former Broncos quarterback and current Broncos executive, had this to say about his team. "It's been a terrific group. They worked their tail off all year. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Denver's season has been the perseverance shown to reach this point." Put everything you have got into reaching the goal you set for yourself....every kid can do that!


Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seahawks, said, "Man, its' been a blessing. We talked at the beginning of the year and we said, 'Why not us? Why not us? That's kind of been our mind-set." Set your sights on the prize and go for it....every kid can do that too.

Learn to talk with your kids and find out where their interests lay. You just might be able to use someone they admire to motivate them to do something they never thought they could!